Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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What is not to like about desktop wallpapers? Besides the idea that it is absolutely free to download in your computer, the designs are truly captivating and beautiful. Desktop wallpapers are offered online via hundreds of sites. And to make it easier for people to choose their preference, they have been categorized for quicker searches and downloading.
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3D displays wonderful animations of things. Examples are 3D mushrooms, linux 3D wallpaper, 3D beautiful lion, gravity pull, fire escape, the edge of hell, and more.
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Animals are images that provide a feeling of sweetness and warmth. Cuddly animals include sweet poodle dog, cute little puppies, one dog with two cats, and white dog playing with cat.
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Anime is playing with ordinary images and putting together real and computer-generated artistry in one. Few examples are Naruto 24, Silent Hill Anime, and Night Eyes.
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Bollywood features Indian actors and actresses sporting their hottest looks. They are Kareena Kapoor looking hot, Hrithik Roshan bollywood star, and Sexy Katrina Kaif.
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Cars are a man's best friend. But even sporty girls love the elegant cars, too. Drool over Z Art Porsche Boxter, Techart Porsche, or Porsche 911 2007.
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Cartoons are designed for both the kids and child-at-heart grownups. Cartoons showcase the fun images of Pink SpongeBob, Tweety, Spiderman, Pooh, Nemo, and the Care Bears.
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Celebrities present a beautiful collection of photos from your favorite celebrities such as Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, and more hot celebs.
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Christmas is an array of designs that reminds you of the season anytime of the year. Find Mickey Mouse in a Santa in Holidays wallpaper. Imagine yourself in the image of Santas Lap.
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Fantasy is like the Anime category. Images are from toying of other images, resulting to a different creative design. Check out the beautiful sunset at Pastel Sunset. Other designs are Mercury Rising, Poseidon Cinema, Planetary Night, and Rainy Season.