Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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According to the director Prakash Jha politics is plain ugly, that's why he named the film 'Raajneeti'. There are no 2 sides of this game - money and killings is the only way to reach the top which is what this movie tells us.
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The film moves at a frantic pace and there is rarely a dull moment. Events unfold swiftly giving us enough time to grasp at what has happened. There is always enough action to keep you hooked on to what's coming next.
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The election process is the most interesting element of this film. The way ministers are bought over money, how tickets are given to the candidates and most importantly the manner in which media is played by all party leaders. The dialogues are well thought out and the delivery even better.
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Story is believable to some extent but when murder after murder occur without any consequences, the trust is somewhat lost. Killings have been justified as these happen in politics and no one gets punished. There is no remorse and it continues until almost all of the family members have been killed. Now this part has strong resemblance to the Gandhi family but there is no further similarities. Katrina playing Soniaji is a misconception. The only similarity between them is their voice maybe - funny and accented. As far as reference to Mahabharata is concerned all the characters have been portrayed equally with no single actor stealing the limelight. But you will need prior understanding of the basic Mahabharata story to connect the characters.
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Every second scene begins with a car rolling in and the person exiting the vehicle. Another aspect which annoys is the crowd's reaction. They are screaming after everything that has been said and shown as complete dimwits.
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Rajneeti's heart lies in the conversations. The uncomfortable interactions to the realistic set locations has been beautifully crafted. The ups and downs we see during election is all present. Infact every element we know about Indian politics has been included and that too without going overboard. Examples of it such as filing of wrong nominations leading to disqualification to tampering with EVM's.
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The on screen chemistry between Ranbir-Sarah is much better than Katrina and Ranbir. Katrina's character is mindlessly in love till the very end and how that happened has not been explained.
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Talking about music, designed perfectly and adds a whole new touch to various scenes. Also, no complete songs have been played which was recommended for a political thriller film.
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Nana Patekar is amicably himself, silent yet effective in his actions. Doesn't raises his voice even a single time instead his calmness will win your heart.
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Ajay Devgn is promising and has one of the best one liners in this film. But his character is used by other protagonists and his own identity gets lost in-between.