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kareena kapoor hot
For years the celebrities from the film industry have been the idols for youth of this developing nation of India. In the Indian sub-continent the top Bollywood celebrity list keeps on updating with time and their popularity is basically governed by the top films given by them.
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In the last two months no movie has made it to become the blockbuster of the period. However, the top celebrities have maintained their ranks. Here we have discussed some of the top female Indian celebrities.
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Katrina Kaif - The number one. This Indian celebrity has been ruling hearts of the Indian public and with her mind blowing acting and a very attractive and international looks, for over a year. She has a very large number of fans which flock every gathering of this most popular celebrity, now-a-days and the police have to face tough times, according to sources. The attitude of the actress and her basic instinct for acting has also played a major role in her advancement to number one position. It is also well estimated that she will remain on her number one position for a long period of time.
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Kareena Kapoor - The number two. According to the celebrities rating industry, the number two position of BollyWood is hot Kareena Kapoor. Hailing from the Kapoor Family, she is the most dazzling actress in the whole industry and her cute looks, bold style and fine acting have been advancing with time. She has been performing really well in the last year and two, and this has made her claim the position of number two in BollyWood. People of young age want to view kareena kapoor wallpaper, movies very much.
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Deepika Padukone - The number three. Having released only handful of films the new emerging face in BollyWood is Miss Deepika Padukone, she has performed so well that in the overall ranking she has been placed above the King Khan - Shahrukh Khan. She has been ruling the list most names searched (for Indian Actress) all over the world. All this was possible due to her very performing acting in her first film, Om Shanti Om.
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The results here are derived using major search engines such as yahoo; Google etc. and the lists such as Top BollyWood Celebrities keep on changing with time, so you always have to update yourself.
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Author of this article have learned more about bollywood celebrity and other entertain topics related to bollywood. View kareena kapoor, Deepika Padukone and a Katrina kaif wallpaper, biography and movies.
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